How does the video production service work? The process is really simple. All you need to do is tell us a few details about your product, ship it to us and we’ll make your video!

What format will my videos be? We will provide you with a 30-60 second high-resolution MP4 video in 9:16, 1:1 and 16:9 for compatibility with all major platforms including Reddit, YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. We keep our videos short and sweet to showcase and highlight the features and use cases of the product. 

Will I get a chance to make changes? We will share the video with you and you will get a chance to make revisions before we share it. We offer 1 round of text revisions. Additional editing is $50 per hour with 30 minute mininum.

How long does it take to make my video? We’re really speedy! We will have a video ready for your review within 7 business days of receiving your product!

What kind of video will you create? Watch some examples here.


Do you submit my video to Amazon? Yes, we can if you want us to. We are members of Amazon’s Affiliate program and have access to Amazon’s Creator Hub. This gives us the ability to upload videos that will appear under “Videos for the Product”. These videos tend to increase conversions and drive more sales for the product. Already have a video made you’d like to submit? We will do that for free!

Do you post our video to Reddit? Yes, we will upload and share your video in 3 different subreddits over the course of the campaign. We will also post up to 5 product photos during that time to create more buzz as well. We have aged Reddit Accounts with plenty of Karma and extensive knowledge of the best subreddits to share your products on with the best chances of making them go viral. If there’s a particular subreddit you’d like to have us try to promote your video on, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen. 

Do you upload our video to YouTube? Yes, we can if you want us to! We have 2 channels, one for traditional 16:9 videos and one dedicated to the new vertical 9:16 format “Shorts”. Shorts are the latest trend on YouTube and the videos we post there often get recommended by YouTube’s algorithms. Your video’s Title and Tags will also be optimized for SEO.

What if my post is blocked or removed? While we’ll do our best to make sure this doesn’t happen, we can’t guarantee they won’t block the post (and ban one of our Reddit accounts from posting in the subreddit). There’s always a risk that this will happen––and it’s mostly out of our control. In our experience, this doesn’t usually happen as we do submissions by hand (this mostly happens when people automate submissions with bots).

Do you guarantee massive exposure and sales? While we can guarantee that we’ll do our best to get your product as much attention as possible, we can’t guarantee that you’ll go viral on Reddit or generate any sales. By working with us, you acknowledge you understand this.